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Little Miss Addisyn is almost 10 years old.

By September 5, 2017September 26th, 2019No Comments

Little Miss Addisyn Addisyn is now almost 10 years old. She has Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

According to, (SWS) is a neurological disorder marked by a distinctive port-wine stain on the forehead, scalp, or around the eye. This stain is a birthmark caused by an overabundance of capillaries near the surface of the skin. Blood vessels on the same side of the brain as the stain may also be affected. A large number of people with SWS experience seizures or convulsions. Other complications may include increased pressure in the eye, developmental delays, and weakness on one side of the body.

For Addisyn, this means she suffers from seizures, glaucoma, and global developmental delays. She is currently in a clinical trial for a new seizure drug on the East Coast – Addisyn and her family live in California.

Miracle Flights has provided flight for Addisyn to fly to Maryland, Florida, California, and Colorado for treatment 31 times so far in her young life.

“Addisyn is doing the best she ever has, and we are enjoying seeing her thrive in the ways she is,” says mom. “She continues to struggle daily with her condition, but we always make the best of it.”

“Our family is incredibly grateful for Miracle Flights, and that they continue to provide flights for Addisyn to receive the best treatment that is available.”

Watch her video here.

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