In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve temporarily relaxed our financial need requirements; and we encourage anyone facing any degree of financial uncertainty to contact us for a confidential, personalized assessment of their families’ medical situation.

Call 1-800-359-1711

  • Find out if you qualify for help
  • Get help with your application
  • Submit flight change requests
  • Ask questions

Patient Criteria

  • Under the age of 18: Up to 2 parents/legal guardians
  • Age 18 and above: 1 medically necessary caregiver
  • Flights are subject to income eligibility with supporting documentation
  • Qualifying applicants will receive assistance as often as needed.

We’re standing by to help you and your family!

Domestic U.S. Program

Qualifying families can receive travel assistance for the child patient and up to 2 parents or legal guardians. Flights for adult patients (age 18 and up) are provided for the patient and caregiver, if medically necessary. Applications should be submitted a recommended 14 days prior to departure.

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Service Dog Program

Miracle Flights provides free medical air travel so that kids and parents can retrieve service dogs and/or attend the required training sessions. Flights are provided for patients of all ages, as well as 1 parent, legal guardian or caregiver, if medically necessary.

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