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Meet Oliver

By December 5, 2017September 26th, 2019No Comments

Oliver was born in December 2016 with his twin brother. After birth, the doctor noticed that Oliver had a ridge on his forehead and said the plates in his head could be fused. The doctor ordered a CT and it turned out that they were; this condition is called Craniosynostosis, and meant that Oliver required surgery on his head.

When Oliver was approximately 8 months old, he underwent his surgery at the Seattle Children’s in Washington. The surgery lasted 1.5 hours longer than estimated, but Oliver recovered well. He had to stay in the hospital a little longer because he stopped eating. Until he would eat, he could not go home. After seven days, we returned home to Montana when we noticed that Oliver has some flesh on his eye, which is putting pressure on the eye.

In September, Miracle Flights flew Oliver and his parents to return to Seattle for his check-up and to have his eye examines.

Oliver is now almost 1… he loves to babble and make noise he is almost walking and enjoys exploring the kitchen cupboards with his twin brother, Calvin. He also loves his 5 older sisters. Oliver finds them very entertaining. He is a very smiley happy baby. #miracleflights #miraclemoments

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