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At A Glance

  • Miracle Flights provides free commercial flights to children and adults who need assistance to reach life-changing
    medical care not available in their local communities.
  • Commercial plane tickets are provided at no cost to patients or their families, as many times as needed.
  • Miracle Flights programs include domestic flights to all U.S.–based medical treatment facilities.
  • Miracle Flights is not disease specific nor is it age restrictive. We will fly anyone with a complex medical need who
    requires distant medical care.
  • Patients can be joined by up to two parents, guardians or caregivers. All flights are subject to household income
    eligibility with supporting documentation.
  • Almost all Miracle Flights patients suffer from critical conditions for which there are only a select number of experts
    in the country, making medical travel necessary.
  • Many patients with complex medical needs go untreated or misdiagnosed, simply because they cannot gain access to
    the medical experts who can effectively treat their condition.
  • While insurance may cover many aspects of treatment, it often does not cover the cost of travel. That’s where
    Miracle Flights comes in. Miracle Flights alleviates the financial burden of travel so families can focus on treatment
    and recovery.

Miracle Flights by the Numbers

1985: Miracle Flights is founded in Las Vegas
2016: Miracle Flights celebrates 100,000th flight
600-700: Average number of free flights Miracle Flights provides each month
$25: Cost to fly a patient 100 miles
75 million: Number of miles Miracle Flights has flown since 1985

To learn more about Miracle Flights, make a donation, refer a family or request a flight, visit

Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @miracleflights.

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