Zoe jane picture with a toy

Remarkably, radiation shrunk ZoeJane’s tumor more than expected. Then in April 2018, she was accepted into a clinical trial at NYU Legone Medical Center in New York City—a program that required the family to fly cross-country every few weeks. While grants from a pediatric cancer charity funded their first few flights, soon they were on their own, wondering how they could afford to keep getting ZoeJane to the care she so desperately needed. A hospital social worker suggested they contact Miracle Flights for help.

The application was quickly approved, and on July 17, 2018, ZoeJane and her parents boarded their first Miracle Flight to New York City. Now nearly 24 months after her diagnosis, ZoeJane shows no symptoms; the only reminder of cancer is the MRI scan the family sees every eight weeks.

“Our fight to keep this tumor at bay would simply not be possible without the help we receive from Miracle Flights,” says Jamie. “Our baby girl is still with us, and Miracle Flights plays a huge part in that.”