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Three and half years ago, Levett’s prognosis told a different story. On the eve of her final chemo treatment, local doctors delivered a grim prognosis: her Stage 2 triple positive breast cancer had progressed to Stage 4 and metastasized to her liver. She was given two months to live and told to go home and get her final papers in order. Instead, Levett and her family went home and prayed.

Mid-prayer, Levett’s father-in-law saw a commercial for Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in Newnan, Georgia, and called on her behalf. Three days later, Levett sat in a doctor’s office at CTCA, learning about a new, more hopeful treatment plan.

But Levett’s optimism was tempered by concerns of how she could afford to keep making the 400-mile trip to see the doctors who were saving her life. While CTCA covered her flights for the first few months, that resource proved limited, and the after-effects of chemotherapy made sitting for long stretches in the car challenging.

Levett’s oncologist referred her to Miracle Flights.

Miracle Flights is heaven sent,” says Levett. “When you already have so much to think about, the last thing you want to worry about—the last thing you should worry about—is ‘how do I get to my doctors?’ What a blessing it is for Miracle Flights to take that burden off me and so many other people.