Amanda picture

Amanda was just two years old when she experienced her first seizure. Medication seemed to help for a couple of years, but shortly after her fourth birthday, the seizures returned. Local doctors referred Amanda to specialists in California, but the drive across the desert was treacherous, with Amanda often suffering seizures on the road.

Once we found Miracle Flights, a new door opened, because we’ve been able to expand the possibilities for Amanda to travel and discover new opportunities for treatment,” says Jose. “Every time they’ve flown her, we have seen improvement.

Since starting treatment at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Amanda’s seizures have diminished from several a day to three to five a year. Her condition has improved so much, she’s even returned to school after a four-year absence. Amanda still requires several Miracle Flights a year to see her doctors. While there is currently no cure for CHD2, research continues—and Amanda’s future looks bright.

I felt like epilepsy took my daughter away, because she was always in and out of hospitals and on medication. These past few years haven’t been easy, but we are starting to see the light,” says Jose. “We’re getting to know our daughter again.