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Our Children's Stories

By Miracle Flights, Dec 12 2017 12:45AM

With music pumping and lights flashing, round after round, some of the toughest mixed martial artists in the world battled to defend their titles.

Friday night, in the Park Theatre at the dazzling Monte Carlo Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, the energy was contagious and the fans were wild! It was a night any sports enthusiast would have enjoyed.

I was enjoying it — dancing to the music between fights, screaming at the top of my lungs in excitement, gasping when a round-house kick was perfectly executed, stomping my feet with the beat of the crowd.

People were just staring at me… And the kids that were with me.

What are you people looking at?! I screamed in my head, but I smiled my southern smile.

So what? I was in a group with five kids on a Friday night at a UFC fight. These kids were having the time of their lives!

You might know the stats on Sean O’Malley — that he’s covered in tattoos, has wild curly hair and his favorite move is the high-elbow guillotine.

Or how about the stats of the first female flyweight champion of the UFC, Nicco Montano? She has a MMA 4-2 record and 1-0 UFC record and out-landed strikes in the finale fight 158-107.

These fighters have some impressive stats. But, so do these fighters I brought with me.

Jackson is only 18 months old. Did you know he was having over 100 seizures a day? Did you know he has to travel to his specialist located out of state for medical treatment?

No. Because you just thought he was a toddler at a fight.

Did you know the little girl jumping up and down, dancing with such excitement that you would have thought Justin and Selena were on stage, is Jackson’s sister? She had to spend nights alone with a sitter when her mom was in the hospital with Jackson. Did you know she could no longer get her nightly bedtime stories because mom and dad were doing everything they could to keep Jackson alive?

No. Because all you can see is this ball of energy in a pink shirt enjoying the fight.

Did you see the handsome young man sitting near me, with hair that he brushes to the right and sweeps over his eye? Did you know he has had over 25 surgeries on that eye? That his grandmother has to fly him all the way to New York to help him get medical treatment for Sturge-Weber syndrome

No, you didn’t. Because you won’t read about the stats of these fighters on any fan site.

You can’t tell just by looking at them how incredibly tough these kids are. You can’t see the ongoing fights these amazing kids fight every single day.

You can’t see the fight these parents and grandparents battle each day to secure the best medical care for their children and to pay for that medical care. These kids may not wear their battle scars on the outside, but they are continuously fighting.

I am so proud I got to sit next to these kids at the Ultimate Fighter Finale Friday Night.

I am so proud of Miracle Flights for providing free commercial airfare to these kids – and others like them – so they can get the medical treatment they need.

I am so proud of UFC for acknowledging our Miracle Fighters and providing a night of fun and distraction for these families, who have been through so much.

So if you were at the fight Friday night, you saw some amazing fighters in the Octagon.

You saw even more in the stands.

Feature story on The Mighty.

By Miracle Flights, Dec 5 2017 08:55PM

Oliver was born in December 2016 with his twin brother. After birth, the doctor noticed that Oliver had a ridge on his forehead and said the plates in his head could be fused. The doctor ordered a CT and it turned out that they were; this condition is called Craniosynostosis, and meant that Oliver required surgery on his head.

When Oliver was approximately 8 months old, he underwent his surgery at the Seattle Children's in Washington. The surgery lasted 1.5 hours longer than estimated, but Oliver recovered well. He had to stay in the hospital a little longer because he stopped eating. Until he would eat, he could not go home. After seven days, we returned home to Montana when we noticed that Oliver has some flesh on his eye, which is putting pressure on the eye.

In September, Miracle Flights flew Oliver and his parents to return to Seattle for his check-up and to have his eye examines.

Oliver is now almost 1... he loves to babble and make noise he is almost walking and enjoys exploring the kitchen cupboards with his twin brother, Calvin. He also loves his 5 older sisters. Oliver finds them very entertaining. He is a very smiley happy baby. #miracleflights #miraclemoments

Help make a miracle flight happen for other families. Give today.

By Miracle Flights, Nov 27 2017 05:40PM

Rosa was born in 2008 with a condition called Arthrogryposis. This condition occurs, on average, in 1 in every 3,000 births. It limits the movements of joints with varying degrees. Rosa was affected on her legs and arms. The doctor who delivered her did not give much hope, indicating she would be wheelchair bound.

Determined to find another solution to better evaluate her, Rosa's mom set out to find a doctor who specialized in her disability... and she found it in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Today she is walking with the help of a KAFOS (Knee-Ankle-Foot-Orthosis).

Watch her amazing life journey over the last 7 years and 18 flights later..

By Miracle Flights, Sep 18 2017 11:33PM

UFC®, the world’s leading mixed martial arts organization, today announced a new national charitable partnership with Miracle Flights, the nation’s leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization. Established in 1985, Miracle Flights provides free commercial air transportation to critically ill children in need of medical care far from home. “UFC athletes are some of the toughest in the world, but what happens inside the Octagon pales in comparison to the obstacles these children face on a daily basis,” UFC Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Ike Lawrence Epstein said. “We are proud to partner with Miracle Flights and support its mission to help children receive the life-changing medical care they need.” This partnership is supported through UFC’s ‘We Are All Fighters’ initiative, which celebrates the fighter in all of us and is a symbol of how everyone fights every day to overcome challenges large and small. Now in its 32nd year, Miracle Flights has provided more than 110,000 free medical flights to help children with rare and life-threatening conditions gain access to specialized, out-of-state medical care. UFC’s support of Miracle Flights includes a joint PSA featuring UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin and 11-year old Levi Krystosek. Levi, a native of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, suffers from Jansen’s Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia, an exceptionally rare form of dwarfism with only 24 known cases worldwide. Since initially contacting Miracle Flights, Levi has been flown to see medical specialists in both Chicago, Illinois, and Wilmington, Delaware, 16 times, which included the nonprofit’s historic 100,000th flight in 2016. “Like many of the children we fly, Levi faces incredible odds but never gives up. With his endless courage and determination, Levi is a true fighter,” said Mark E. Brown, CEO of Miracle Flights. “To have UFC lend its support to help Levi and all of ‘our kids’ who are fighting for their lives is a tremendous honor.” Please click the following links to view the short-form feature of this partnership. For more information, please visit

By Miracle Flights, Sep 5 2017 10:06PM

Little Miss Addisyn Addisyn is now almost 10 years old. She has Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

According to, (SWS) is a neurological disorder marked by a distinctive port-wine stain on the forehead, scalp, or around the eye. This stain is a birthmark caused by an overabundance of capillaries near the surface of the skin. Blood vessels on the same side of the brain as the stain may also be affected. A large number of people with SWS experience seizures or convulsions. Other complications may include increased pressure in the eye, developmental delays, and weakness on one side of the body.

For Addisyn, this means she suffers from seizures, glaucoma, and global developmental delays. She is currently in a clinical trial for a new seizure drug on the East Coast - Addisyn and her family live in California.

Miracle Flights has provided flight for Addisyn to fly to Maryland, Florida, California, and Colorado for treatment 31 times so far in her young life.

"Addisyn is doing the best she ever has, and we are enjoying seeing her thrive in the ways she is," says mom. "She continues to struggle daily with her condition, but we always make the best of it."

"Our family is incredibly grateful for Miracle Flights, and that they continue to provide flights for Addisyn to receive the best treatment that is available."

Watch her video here.

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