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Thousands of children have been saved, but we still have miles to go.

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Having coordinated over 100,000 flights, Miracle Flights is dedicated to improving the lives of children everywhere. Below is just a snapshot of the many lives we've touched and futures we've brightened thanks to the support of our miracle makers.

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Raphael's Story

Raphael was diagnosed with Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele at 18 weeks in-utero. He was delivered prematurely because of hydrocephalus, and he then underwent several surgeries to stabilize his condition. After weeks in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, he came home to start his life with his family.


Spina Bifida (SB) is a disabling birth defect that, in pronounced cases like Raphael’s, is always accompanied by significant medical assistance throughout the individual’s life.


Since he initially came home, Raphael has undergone several surgeries and countless doctor visits. He also has almost daily therapy sessions, and several medical assistive devices.  He has come so far and undergone far more than a small child should. Despite it all, he is brave, adventurous, and filled with happiness. He is a joy and inspiration.


One of the side effects of SB is clubfeet. Raphael has had a series of leg castings and one surgery to help correct this, but he has had an ongoing battle to keep his feet positioned correctly.  Doctor Dobbs in St Louis, Missouri is able to help correct his feet. We are grateful for any flight assistance possible to make this happen for him. Thank you, Miracle Flights.


Raphael’s parents



My daughter, Aniyah, has severe Crohn’s Disease, and she has recently been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. The Crohn’s Disease is now attacking her upper GI track.  It is highly important for Aniyah to get to New York to see Dr. Dubinsky and his team, in order to receive additional treatment.


Currently Aniyah is receiving 85% of her meals through her G-tube because eating by mouth is difficult for her. She still receives her Entyvio infusions every 8 weeks and her Port-A-Cath flushes every 4 weeks.  She has to wear pull-ups because she has no control over her bladder, as well as a full-time nurse at school to assist with her medical needs. My son and I provide her care at home in the evenings.  


Without the assistance of Miracle Flights, I would not be able to get Aniyah to New York to see Dr. Dubinsky.  He is her last hope to try and get her condition under control, and give her a better quality of life.    


Aniyah’s mom


Aniyah's Story

After a rough start to life, Asher was diagnosed at 13 weeks of age with Bilateral Retinoblastoma.  Chemotherapy started immediately, with trips out of state by car every 28 days.  Treatment continued after chemotherapy, as the tumors on the retinas are stubborn.  When our amazing physician moved out of state, this presented a significant challenge of transporting Asher monthly to treatments with continuity of care.  Unfortunately, it was no longer a few hours away by car, but hours away by airplane.


Asher continues to go through monthly treatments for his rare childhood cancer, and we continue to travel out of state to battle these tumors.  Asher has at least 18 more months of travel for his monthly treatments.  After that, there will be the possibility of working with a physician closer to home if the cancer is responding to treatment.


Miracle Flights has been such an incredible blessing to us, and a huge sigh of relief, as they are able to help with the cost of air transportation.  There are several costs associated with cancer and the monthly treatment trips, but the blessing of air transportation is a tremendously large gift to Asher and our family.  Many, many thanks from our family to Miracle Flights for their help.


Asher’s parents


Asher's Story

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Isabel's Story

Our daughter, Isabel, was initially presumed healthy after being born and sent home from the hospital.  During her first few months, it became apparent that she was having problems.  Isabel was experiencing pain and an inability to have regular bowel movements.  After addressing our concerns with doctors and specialists, Isabel was diagnosed with an Anorectal Malformation; her body cannot expel waste because her anatomy did not form correctly.


The last two years have been challenging for Isabel.  She has endured several surgeries in an attempt to improve her condition, but progress has been slow.  Due to her condition, Isabel has limited growth and weight gain.  Without daily measures to aid her output, she is at risk of obstructed bowels.


We are extremely grateful to the many doctors, nurses, specialists, and care providers that have aided Isabel in her journey.  Her next step is to travel to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  An amazing doctor who specializes in her condition is prepared to remove a portion of her colon in an attempt to improve her bowel management and quality of life for the future.


Thank you, Miracle Flights, for your willingness to aid families of children with severe medical conditions travel the country.


Isabel’s parents



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